About HWArobots

HWArobotics is a Singapore-based company specializing in developing and producing top-quality robots for warehouse and logistics purposes. Our product range is extensive and includes:
·Pallet shuttle systems
·Tote shuttle systems
·Mini shuttle systems
·Split-case picking systems
·Associated control software
With over two decades of experience and leading-edge technology, HWArobotics develops technologically advanced products with consistent performance and outstanding reliability. We are proud to offer innovative, high-end products that meet the needs of our customers around the world.

About Logistics Summit 2023

The Logistics Summit, organized by Velvet Ventures GmbH in Hamburg, is a significant B2B offline trade fair event in Germany. It gathers experts to discuss logistics industry development in the digital innovation era.

From October 11th to 12th, 2023, in Düsseldorf, the Logistics Summit primarily aims to foster discussions on the latest industry trends and innovations. The event features presentations by esteemed speakers, expert panel discussions, and workshops showcasing innovative logistics products by leading suppliers in the exhibition area.
During the workshop at the exhibition, representatives from each of the ten selected suppliers presented their views on innovative technologies for the logistics industry. There were four exhibitors from HWArobotics: Claus Folke, Sky Chen, Julie Sun, and Gernot Nestler.

The Application Prospect of Shuttle Robots In Warehouse

Pallet Shuttle Robot System

There are two main AS/RS pallet shuttle product lines on the market: the FPSS1500A for full case picking, including tobacco raw materials and finished goods,food and beverage, industrial manufacturing, and other industries, and the FPSS1500B, designed for cold storage, for food, pharmaceutical, cold chain, and other refrigerated operations.

Tote Shuttle Robot System by HWArobotics:

1. High-End Warehouse Solution: The tote shuttle robot system is a premium warehouse solution.
2. Space Utilization: Small-load AS/RS systems excel in space utilization, optimizing storage.
3. Operational Efficiency: These systems enhance operational efficiency and inventory management.
4. Labor Cost Reduction: They automate storage and retrieval processes, reducing labor costs.
5. Increased Productivity: The systems increase productivity in businesses handling small items or components.
6. Suitable for Various Industries: Ideal for high-throughput scenarios in manufacturing, retail, e-commerce,pharmaceuticals, automotive, apparel, and media (book and publishing).

Semi-automated Solution

In addition to these state-of-the-art shuttle robot systems, HWArobotics also provides complete warehouse logistics solutions.

For instance, HWARobotics’ signature semi-automated solution utilizes a goods-to-person picking system consisting of a shuttle AS/RS, a picking station system, a conveyor system, and an order processing system (OPS).

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HWArobotics is committed to combining the latest warehousing and logistics robotics innovations to bring efficient, reliable, and advanced logistics solutions to more organizations. In 2024, we will continue introducing our game-changing mini shuttle products at major international conventions and exhibitions. These innovations will revolutionize the global landscape of warehousing and logistics automation.
Take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade your organization and witness the future of logistics! Our experts can’t wait to answer your questions. Stay tuned to our website to get a preview of the latest trends and developments at international logistics exhibitions! Contact now!

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