Looking For Distributors

We are always looking for great distributors /co-partners globally who can offer: 

  • Influence over local market
  • Established distribution channels
  • Have strong ability to market local region, with physical business premises and sufficient funds.
  • Sustained development.
  • Have the ability to finish annual business sales volume, and actively cooperate with our strategic plans and business requirements.
Join our growth as a distributor of CYATCO brand products.

What CYATCO Can Offer

We are one of the most established wholesale acoustic panels distributors in the China, serving Europe, and North America’s fine acoustic panels retailers.

Decorative Panel

Committed to developing new and sustainable acoustic panels, with modern design that empower customers to create beautiful, high performance residential and commercial buildings.

Collaborative R&D

We are prepared to R&D in response to any substantial need you may have, expanding your reach by meeting the needs of all of your customers.

Noise reduction

Our products do not only look good - they also improvement of The Acoustics (when correctly installed). They reduce reverberation and create a healthy sound environment.

Stable Supply System

We’re committed to our customers and have been for 17 years!

Competitive Pricing

For corporate and bulk orders, we are glad to arrange discount and logistics support.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The felt we use is made of recycled PET material and the wood comes from sustainable forestry.


As a CYATCO business partner, you can look forward to the following benefits

Discounted Price

Wholesale distributors and large store owners enjoy a discounted price when they purchase inventoriesin bulk quantities.


We collaborate with architects, builders and homeowners providing 17 years of product expertise to aid in your decision-making process.


When you carry our products, we connect you with a acoustic specialist who is trained to assist you with smart product selection and merchandising options.

Join Us

Whether you are interested in becoming our distributor or making a single bulk order, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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