How OEM/ODM Bagasse Tableware Boosts Businesses

At Qiaowang, our OEM/ODM bagasse tableware aims to meet the demands of environmentally aware businesses across various industries.

For Restaurants

Our OEM/ODM bagasse tableware allows restaurants to align with eco-friendly trends while enhancing their brand image. These biodegradable and compostable tableware can also elevate the dining experience. Restaurants can showcase their unique brand identity while serving delicious meals eco-consciously.

For Hotels

Hotels cater to a diverse clientele, each with unique preferences and expectations. Our OEM/ODM bagasse tableware provides an excellent opportunity to enhance the hotel's branding. Whether serving breakfast in bed or hosting large banquets, our compostable tableware offers elegance without compromising sustainability.

For Retailers

Retailers are actively seeking eco-friendly solutions, and bagasse packaging has emerged as a highly viable option. Not only is it a cost-effective choice, but it also offers retailers the flexibility to tailor packaging sizes and shapes to align with their unique product offerings and meet specific customer demands.

For Rail and Air Services

Our OEM/ODM bagasse tableware is an ideal choice for in-flight or on-board dining options. Customized tableware designs can enhance the overall dining experience on the go while showcasing the company's commitment to sustainability.

Why Choose Us for OEM/ODM Bagasse Tableware

We take pride in being a trusted partner for OEM/ODM tableware solutions. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by several key factors that make us stand out:

Quality Control

From premium-grade bagasse pulp to thoughtful 5-layer packaging, our bagasse tableware undergoes a stringent production process to ensure that each item adheres to the highest standards for safety, durability, and eco-friendliness.

Wide Product Range

Our extensive product range encompasses a wide variety of tableware items, from bagasse trays and plates to cutlery and more. From standard designs to unique, custom creations, we have the solutions to meet diverse needs.

Extensive Experience

With extensive experience of over two decades in manufacturing bagasse tableware and bagasse packaging, we have gained invaluable expertise in crafting high-quality, sustainable products.

Strong Capacity

We have the capacity to scale up to match any requirement, ensuring a consistent supply of top-quality tableware.

Fast Delivery

We recognize the importance of timeliness in today's fast-paced business environment. Our bagasse pulp tableware can be delivered to Shenzhen Port within 3 days, which ensures on-time, hassle-free deliveries.

OEM&ODM Services Range

Our commitment to customization extends to every facet of our products, ensuring our partners receive the perfect solution for their brands. Here's an overview of our comprehensive services:

Our talented design team is ready to create unique and eye-catching products. Whether our clients have a specific concept in mind or require assistance in generating fresh ideas, we can turn their vision into reality.
We understand the importance of brand identity. Our customization services include the addition of personalized logos or branding elements to our products, ensuring that the brand’s presence is prominently displayed and recognized.
No two businesses are alike, and neither are their requirements. We offer the flexibility to customize the size of our products to perfectly match specifications.
If our clients have unique shape preferences or specific functional requirements for their products, our team can design and manufacture tableware in custom shapes.
Packaging plays a crucial role in product delivery and protection. We offer custom packaging solutions that align with aesthetics and safeguard products during transit.


Our bagasse tableware has earned multiple certifications, underscoring our dedication to maintaining top-notch product quality.

How to Get OEM/ODM Bagasse Tableware from Qiaowang


Contact Qiaowang

Reach out to us and start your journey to bagasse tableware.


We research your specific needs, requirements, and preferences and ensure we have a clear understanding of your vision.

Sample Approval

Once we create and send samples to you, you’ll have the opportunity to evaluate these samples to ensure they meet your expectations.


We’ll proceed with the production phase if the samples are approved.


We take great care in packaging and handling to guarantee that your customized tableware arrives in perfect condition.

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