Bio-Degradable Cutlery by Qiaowang: Harmony of Convenience and Environmental Awareness

As a leader in sustainable food packaging solutions, Qiaowang presents our innovative line of bio degradable cutlery, providing a harmonious blend of convenience and environmental awareness. With a commitment to preserving our planet for future generations, we offer a range of eco-friendly utensils that are both practical and environmentally responsible.

Cutlery with a Conscience

At Qiaowang, we understand the urgent need to reduce plastic waste and embrace sustainable alternatives. Qiaowang bio degradable cutlery is crafted from 100% plant-based materials, ensuring that each meal is served with a clear conscience. By utilizing bio-degradable materials, we offer an effective solution to combatting the detrimental impact of single-use plastics on our environment.

Choose Green, Choose Bio-Degradable

When it comes to making a choice that positively impacts the environment, Qiaowang’s bio-degradable cutlery stands out as the ideal option. Our cutlery is designed to break down naturally over time, leaving behind no harmful residues or pollutants. By choosing our bio-degradable cutlery, you are actively contributing to the reduction of plastic waste, safeguarding ecosystems, and supporting a more sustainable future.

Quality and Performance

Qiaowang’s bio-degradable cutlery not only prioritizes environmental sustainability but also offers impeccable performance and durability. We understand the importance of cutlery that can withstand the demands of various culinary experiences. Our products have been carefully designed and engineered to ensure strength, resilience, and usability, allowing you to enjoy your meals without compromising on quality or convenience.

OEM/ODM Service

At Qiaowang, we pride ourselves on our research and development capabilities. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we offer comprehensive OEM/ODM services to help our partners strengthen their brand and tailor their products to specific requirements. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that exceed expectations and ensure customer satisfaction.

Wholesale and Supply

Qiaowang caters to wholesalers and agents who share our vision for a greener future. We offer flexible order options, allowing for large, medium, or small quantities. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and efficient supply chain management ensure prompt delivery and consistent product availability. Partner with us to meet the increasing demand for sustainable cutlery solutions and expand your market reach.


Qiaowang’s bio-degradable cutlery is the embodiment of our commitment to environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction. By choosing our products, you join the global movement towards reducing plastic waste and promoting a greener planet. With our comprehensive OEM/ODM services, quality performance, and dedication to wholesale and supply, Qiaowang pulp packing is your trusted choice in providing sustainable cutlery solutions.

Choose Qiaowang’s bio-degradable cutlery and make a positive impact on the environment today. Together, let’s create a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.

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