Discover the Practicality and Sustainability of Qiaowang’s Round Bowl with Lid

At Qiaowang, we are excited to introduce our round bowl with lid – a versatile and sustainable solution for securely storing and transporting food items. Made with care and thoughtfulness, our round bowls with lids are not only practical for serving meals but also ideal for on-the-go convenience. Let us delve into the specifications and features that make Qiaowang’s round bowl with lid the perfect choice for all your food storage needs.


Weight and Specification – Practical Functionality

When it comes to food storage, finding the right balance between functionality and convenience is crucial. Qiaowang’s round bowl with lid is designed with this in mind. With a weight of just 25 grams, these bowls are lightweight and easy to handle, making them ideal for both personal use and commercial applications. The specifications of φ208*60 (1000ml) ensure ample space for various food portions, accommodating generous servings or multiple smaller items.


The sturdy construction of our round bowl with lid ensures that your food remains secure during storage and transportation. Whether you are packing a lunch for work or preparing takeout orders for your restaurant, our bowls offer reliable protection and prevent leakage, keeping your meals fresh and intact. The tight-fitting lids provide an airtight seal, preserving flavors and preventing spills.


Sustainability – A Responsible Choice

Qiaowang is committed to sustainability and minimizing our impact on the environment. Our round bowls with lids are made from sugarcane, a natural and renewable resource. Sugarcane, as a material, is biodegradable and compostable, reducing waste and promoting a greener future. By choosing Qiaowang’s round bowl with lid, you are making a responsible choice and contributing to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


Additionally, our production process adheres to strict environmental standards. We employ innovative techniques that minimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. Our commitment to sustainability extends throughout every aspect of our business, from material sourcing to manufacturing.



In conclusion, Qiaowang’s round bowl with lid is the perfect solution for both practical food storage and eco-conscious individuals or businesses. With its lightweight design, ample capacity, and secure lids, our bowls are versatile for serving, storing, and transporting various food items. Made from sustainable sugarcane and manufactured with environmentally friendly practices, our round bowls with lids are a responsible choice for those who prioritize both functionality and sustainability.


Whether you need a convenient option for packing your lunch or want to ensure spill-free transportation of takeout meals, Qiaowang’s round bowl with lid is here to meet your needs. Experience the ease and confidence of our eco-friendly food storage solutions and make a difference in reducing plastic waste. Choose Qiaowang’s round bowl with lid today and embrace a more sustainable way of enjoying and sharing meals, one bowl at a time.


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