Embrace Sustainability: Qiaowang’s Eco-Friendly Takeout Containers Redefining Convenience

In the realm of modern-day takeout culture, where convenience often trumps sustainability, finding a balance between the two is becoming a crucial endeavor. At Qiaowang, we understand the significance of eco-friendly takeout containers solutions in the food industry, especially concerning takeout containers. Our commitment to the environment drives us to deliver sustainable alternatives that benefit both businesses and the planet.

The Need for Eco-Friendly Takeout Containers

When it comes to takeout meals, convenience has traditionally come at the expense of causing damage to the environment. Traditional takeout containers, which are typically constructed from non-biodegradable materials such as plastics or styrofoam, have a devastating effect on the environment. The decomposition of these materials takes hundreds of years, during which time they contribute to pollution, cause landfills to overflow, and put wildlife in danger.

Eco-friendly alternatives, such as our 9” 3-comp Bagasse Clamshell (B), made from biodegradable bagasse derived from sugar cane pulp, offer a sustainable solution:

Biodegradability: Our takeout containers break down naturally, significantly reducing environmental impact and helping tackle the issue of waste accumulation.

Composability: These containers compost into organic matter, enriching the soil and supporting a sustainable, circular ecosystem, creating a closed-loop system.

Versatility: Qiaowang’s 9” 3-comp Bagasse Clamshell (B) is designed to cater to various food types, both solids and liquids. Its three compartments provide convenience for diverse meal options.

Environmental Safety: Not only are these containers safe for food contact, but they are also microwave and oven safe within minutes, ensuring both convenience and safety.


Introducing Qiaowang’s 9” 3-comp Bagasse Clamshell (B)

The 9-inch 3-comp Bagasse Clamshell (B) that we offer exemplifies the principles of environmentally responsible and practical design. It is distinguished by the following:

Variations in Color: They are offered in both unbleached natural and bleached white varieties, giving you the opportunity to select the option that best suits your preferences.

Environmentally-Friendly: Compostable and biodegradable, ensuring a smaller environmental footprint without sacrificing performance, environmental friendliness is a term that describes this material.

Options for Customization: Qiaowang offers customization services, which include product design and printing of stickers and cartons, that are personalized to meet the requirements of your branding.

Long Shelf Life: Our containers have a shelf life of up to two years when they are properly packaged and sealed, which ensures that they will continue to be usable for an extended period of time.



At Qiaowang, our mission is to provide eco-friendly takeout solutions that resonate with businesses aspiring for sustainability. Our 9” 3-comp Bagasse Clamshell (B) represents a seamless blend of functionality, eco-consciousness, and versatility – a step towards a greener future with every takeout order. Join us in embracing sustainability without compromising on convenience and quality.

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