Introducing Qiaowang’s Bagasse Tray: A Sustainable and Versatile Food Packaging Solution

As a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions, we at Qiaowang are thrilled to introduce our latest offering: the Bagasse Tray. With a commitment to environmental responsibility, we have developed this innovative food packaging solution to meet the evolving needs of businesses and consumers who prioritize sustainability.

The Environmental Impact of Bagasse Trays


At Qiaowang, we understand the urgency of reducing our environmental footprint and transitioning towards more sustainable practices. Our Bagasse Tray is crafted from bagasse, a natural byproduct of the sugarcane industry. By utilizing this renewable and biodegradable material, we are able to offer a packaging solution that significantly reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional plastic or foam alternatives.


Bagasse is Compostable and Biodegradable


One of the standout features of our Bagasse Tray is its compostable and biodegradable nature. Unlike plastic or foam containers that can take hundreds of years to decompose, our tray breaks down quickly and efficiently in composting facilities. This means that when you choose our Bagasse Tray, you are making a conscious choice to reduce waste and contribute to a circular economy.


Renewable Resource for a Sustainable Future


We take pride in using bagasse as the primary material for our tray. Bagasse is a renewable resource derived from the extraction of juice from sugarcane. By utilizing this agricultural byproduct, we help reduce the reliance on fossil fuel-based materials and contribute to a more sustainable future. With our Bagasse Tray, you can showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility and align your brand with eco-friendly values.


Versatile Functionality for Various Food Items


Our Bagasse Tray is designed to accommodate a wide range of food items, both in solid and liquid forms. Whether you need to package fresh fruits and vegetables, meat products, or even prepared meals, our tray offers the versatility you require. The sturdy construction ensures that the tray can safely hold and transport your food items without any concerns of leakage or damage.


Customization Options to Enhance Branding


We understand that branding plays a crucial role in differentiating your products in the market. That’s why we offer customization options for our Bagasse Tray, allowing you to showcase your brand identity. Whether it’s printing your logo, incorporating unique designs, or choosing specific colors, we can help you create a packaging solution that stands out. Customized branding not only enhances your brand recognition but also adds a professional touch to your products, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.


Safety and Quality Assured


When it comes to food packaging, safety is of utmost importance. Our Bagasse Tray is designed with food-grade materials and meets stringent health and safety standards. You can be confident that our tray is safe for direct contact with food, ensuring that your products are presented in a hygienic and reliable manner. Additionally, our tray is microwave-safe, allowing for convenient reheating, and ovenable within 4 minutes, providing flexibility in serving hot food items.




Qiaowang’s Bagasse Tray offers businesses a sustainable packaging solution without compromising on functionality or quality. Crafted from renewable bagasse, our tray significantly reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional alternatives. Its compostable and biodegradable properties contribute to a circular economy and help minimize waste. With versatility and customization options, our tray can meet the diverse needs of various food items while enhancing your brand recognition. We prioritize safety and quality, ensuring that our tray is food-grade and microwave-safe. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment with Qiaowang’s Bagasse Tray. Contact us today to explore our sustainable packaging solutions and take a step towards a greener future.

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