Practicality and Convenience: Qiaowang’s 32oz Sugarcane Round Bowl with Lid

Introducing the QW-L-02 from Qiaowang: a 32oz sugarcane round bowl with lid that combines practicality and convenience for serving and storing a variety of food items. This versatile solution is specifically designed with purposes in mind, providing secure storage and reliable transportation for businesses. Let’s delve into the features that make QW-L-02 the perfect choice for your needs.

Versatility for Serving and Storing


Qiaowang’s 32oz sugarcane bowl with lid is suitable for a wide range of food items. Whether it’s salads, noodles, rice dishes, or desserts, this round bowl can accommodate various menu items. The generous capacity allows for substantial portions, making it perfect for serving meals in restaurants, cafeterias, and other foodservice establishments. Additionally, the secure lid ensures that the contents remain fresh and secure during storage or transportation.


Convenience for Purposes


QW-L-02 offers exceptional convenience for purposes. The matching lid is designed to fit perfectly on the bowl, creating a tight seal that prevents leaks and spills. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses involved in food delivery or catering services, as it ensures that the food remains intact and presentable until it reaches the customer. With QW-L-02, businesses can serve and store food with confidence, knowing that freshness and quality are maintained.


Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Future


Qiaowang is committed to providing sustainable solutions for a greener future. The QW-L-02 bowl is made from biodegradable bagasse and sugarcane pulp, making it an environmentally friendly choice.


Biodegradable Bagasse and Sugarcane Pulp

Qiaowang’s sugarcane bowl is crafted from bagasse, the fibrous residue left after extracting juice from sugarcane. This natural material is fully biodegradable, meaning it can decompose harmlessly in the environment. By choosing QW-L-02, businesses contribute to reducing the reliance on non-biodegradable plastics and help protect the planet.


Environmentally Friendly Choice

QW-L-02 is an environmentally friendly choice for businesses. The use of bagasse and sugarcane pulp reduces the carbon footprint compared to traditional plastic containers. By opting for Qiaowang’s sugarcane disposable bowl, businesses demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and contribute to a greener future.


Customization Options

Qiaowang understands that businesses have unique branding needs. That’s why QW-L-02 offers customization options for branding and design. Businesses can add their logos or create personalized designs on the bowl, ensuring that it aligns with their brand identity and stands out in the market.




In a nutshell, Qiaowang’s 32oz sugarcane bowl with lid, QW-L-02, offers practicality, convenience, and sustainability for serving and storing food items. Its versatility, secure storage features, and eco-friendly materials make it an excellent choice for B2B purposes. Choose Qiaowang and join us in creating a greener and more efficient future for food packaging.

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