Qiaowang 2 oz Sauce Container: Sustainable and Versatile Packaging Solution

As a trustworthy provider of sustainable packaging solutions, Qiaowang is committed to offering eco-friendly alternatives for various industries. This article will explore the Qiaowang 2 oz Sauce Container – QW-C-02, a biodegradable bagasse fiber cup that serves as an excellent choice for serving condiments, dips, and small portions of sauces.

Qiaowang 2 oz Sauce Container QW-C-02: Features and Benefits


The QW-C-02 sauce container is made from biodegradable bagasse fiber material. By opting for this eco-friendly alternative to plastic, businesses can contribute to environmental sustainability while meeting their packaging needs. The QW-C-02 is specifically designed for serving condiments, dips, and small portions of sauces, making it an ideal choice for restaurants, food service establishments, and catering businesses.


Raw Materials and Place of Origin


Qiaowang’s 2 oz sauce container is manufactured using biodegradable bagasse/sugar cane pulp. This sustainable material is derived from sugarcane waste, reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional plastic packaging. The QW-C-02 is proudly manufactured in Guangxi, China, ensuring high-quality production standards.


Advantages and Customization Options


Choosing Qiaowang’s 2 oz sauce container offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it is disposable, compostable, and biodegradable, allowing for guilt-free use and disposal. Secondly, Qiaowang is committed to offering environmentally friendly packaging solutions, and the QW-C-02 is a testament to this commitment. Additionally, the sauce container is portable, safe for food contact, and can be used in microwaves (within 4 minutes) and ovens (within 5 minutes) for added convenience.


For businesses looking to enhance their brand identity, Qiaowang provides customization options for the design and branding of the sauce containers. This includes personalized product design as well as the printing of stickers and cartons, enabling businesses to create a unique and memorable packaging solution.


Why Choose Qiaowang?


Qiaowang is a reliable supplier of sustainable packaging solutions with a strong supply chain and stable raw material source. Located in the largest sugar cane province in China and supported by extensive manufacturing experience of over 20 years, Qiaowang ensures the highest quality bagasse pulp tableware. By choosing Qiaowang, businesses can be confident in receiving durable, eco-friendly, and responsibly manufactured packaging solutions.




The Qiaowang 2 oz Sauce Container – QW-C-02 is an excellent choice for businesses seeking sustainable and versatile packaging solutions. With its biodegradable bagasse fiber material, environmental advantages, and customization options, this sauce container aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging. Contact Qiaowang today to learn more about how their 2 oz sauce container can elevate your packaging and support your sustainability goals.

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