Qiaowang 500ml 3-Compartment Rectangular Bagasse Takeaway Box QW-B-29: Convenient Food Separation for On-the-Go

Qiaowang is pleased to offer the QW-B-29, a 500 ml 3-compartment rectangular bagasse takeaway box, a dependable alternative for eco-friendly food packaging. This revolutionary container provides practical and environmentally responsible food separation, making it ideal for modern meal delivery services. Learn more about the 3 compartment take out containers and how they can improve your eating experience when you’re on the move.

Practical 3-Compartment Design


The QW-B-29 Takeaway Box features three compartments, providing a practical solution for separating different food items. This design allows for the convenient packaging of various dishes, ensuring their flavors and textures remain intact until consumed.


Convenient for Transporting Take-Out Food


With the QW-B-29 3 compartment take out containers, transporting food becomes hassle-free. The three compartments enable easy segregation of items, preventing mixing or contamination during transit. This feature is especially beneficial for restaurants, catering services, and food delivery businesses.


Environmentally-Friendly Bagasse Material


Qiaowang’s 500ml 3-Compartment Rectangular Bagasse Takeaway Box QW-B-29 is crafted from bagasse pulp, a renewable and biodegradable material derived from sugarcane. By choosing this container, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and reduce their ecological footprint.


Disposable and Eco-Conscious


The QW-B-29 Takeaway Box is designed for single-use, ensuring a hygienic dining experience for customers. After use, it can be easily disposed of and will naturally degrade over time, minimizing environmental impact and reducing waste accumulation.


Versatile and Customizable


Qiaowang’s 3 compartment take out containers is available in a 500ml capacity, providing ample space for a variety of meal options. Additionally, the box is available in two color options: Unbleached (nature) and Bleached (white), catering to different branding preferences.




Qiaowang’s 500ml 3-Compartment Rectangular Bagasse Takeaway Box QW-B-29 offers a convenient and sustainable solution for food separation during on-the-go dining. With its practical design, eco-friendly bagasse material, and customizable options, this container meets the demands of modern food packaging requirements. Choose Qiaowang as your trusted partner in providing high-quality, environmentally-conscious take-out containers, and elevate your brand’s commitment to sustainability.

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