Qiaowang Wholesale Sugarcane Cutlery: The Eco-Friendly Solution for a Sustainable Future

Qiaowang wholesale sugarcane cutlery offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastic cutlery. Made from 100% natural sugarcane fiber, our cutlery is sustainable and biodegradable. These utensils are sturdy, heat-resistant, and suitable for various occasions, such as parties, picnics, and catered events. With a commitment to reducing plastic waste and promoting a greener lifestyle, Qiaowang wholesale sugarcane cutlery provides a convenient and responsible solution for individuals and businesses. Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future by choosing our sugarcane cutlery as a planet-friendly alternative to plastic.


Wholesale and a Full Range of Small, Medium, and Large Equipment

At Qiaowang, we understand the significance of catering to wholesale demands. Our sugarcane cutlery is readily available in bulk quantities, ensuring that businesses always have a supply of this sustainable alternative. Whether you require small, medium, or large quantities, our range of equipment can fulfill all your needs. We take pride in offering a hassle-free experience, right from placing the order to the timely delivery of our high-quality products.


Flexible Ordering and Three-Dimensional Forming

We believe in empowering businesses to achieve their unique branding goals. With our flexible ordering options, you have the freedom to customize your sugarcane cutlery according to your business requirements. Our products are designed to allow three-dimensional forming, enabling you to create bespoke designs that resonate with your brand’s identity. Together, let’s elevate your business with our sustainable and aesthetically appealing options.


Low MOQ and Large Orders with Timely Delivery

At Qiaowang, we value every business, irrespective of their size. With a minimum order quantity (MOQ) set at a low level, we ensure that even small-scale enterprises have access to our remarkable sugarcane cutlery. Simultaneously, we understand that larger businesses demand smoother processes and efficient deliveries. Our advanced large production equipment guarantees that even substantial orders are handled with precision, ensuring timely deliveries to meet your business timelines.


100% Plant Fiber, 100% Compostable, and Biodegradable

By embracing Qiaowang sugarcane cutlery, you are actively promoting sustainable practices. Our cutlery is manufactured using 100% plant fiber, making it an excellent alternative to plastic products. Not only is it compostable, allowing for easy disposal, but it is also fully biodegradable. Through this eco-friendly option, we aim to minimize plastic waste and contribute towards creating a cleaner and healthier environment.



To carve a sustainable future, it is crucial to embrace greener alternatives. Qiaowang Bagasse Pulp Packing takes immense pride in offering our wholesale sugarcane cutlery. With flexible ordering, three-dimensional forming, low MOQ, and large-scale production equipment, our products cater to businesses of all sizes. Join hands with us, and together, let’s replace plastic products with Qiaowang sugarcane cutlery–the best solution for a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

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