Qiaowang: Your Trusted Supplier of Sugarcane Bagasse Plates

Welcome to Qiaowang, your trusted supplier of sustainable and versatile sugarcane bagasse plates. As the world becomes increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of traditional tableware, the demand for eco-friendly alternatives is on the rise. Sugarcane bagasse plates have emerged as a popular choice, offering a sustainable and biodegradable option for dining experiences. At Qiaowang, we are proud to provide a diverse range of sugarcane bagasse plates that combine functionality, style, and environmental responsibility.


Qiaowang’s Range of Sugarcane Bagasse Plates

At Qiaowang, we understand that every dining occasion requires the right tableware. Our range of sugarcane bagasse plates is designed to cater to various dining needs, from casual gatherings to formal events. We offer a wide selection of versatile options, including plates of different sizes and designs. Our sugarcane bagasse plates are made from the residual fiber of sugarcane stalks, known as bagasse. This renewable and biodegradable material ensures that your dining experience remains eco-friendly without compromising on quality.


Quality and Durability of Qiaowang’s Sugarcane Bagasse Plates

We take pride in the quality and durability of our sugarcane bagasse plates. Despite their lightweight nature, these plates are incredibly sturdy and can withstand a variety of food types, including hot and cold dishes. Qiaowang’s sugarcane bagasse plates are heat-resistant, grease-resistant, and leak-proof, ensuring that they hold up well to any culinary creations. You can trust that our plates will maintain their structural integrity and functionality throughout your dining experience.


Aesthetically Pleasing Designs that Elevate the Dining Experience

At Qiaowang, we believe that sustainable dining should also be visually appealing. Our sugarcane bagasse plates feature modern and elegant designs that elevate the ambiance of any dining occasion. Whether you are hosting a casual outdoor gathering or a formal dinner party, our plates add a touch of sophistication to the table. With Qiaowang’s sugarcane bagasse plates, you can showcase your commitment to eco-conscious practices while impressing your guests with stylish and sustainable tableware.



Qiaowang is your trusted supplier of sugarcane bagasse plates, offering a sustainable and versatile alternative to traditional tableware. Our range of high-quality plates is made from renewable and biodegradable materials, ensuring that your dining experience remains environmentally responsible. With their exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal, Qiaowang’s sugarcane bagasse plates elevate the ambiance of any dining occasion. Choose Qiaowang as your supplier and join us in creating a greener future for the dining industry.

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