Qiaowang’s Sugarcane Clamshell Boxes: Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Solutions

Qiaowang is dedicated to fulfilling the growing need for sustainable food containers as a reliable provider of environmentally friendly food packaging solutions. Sugarcane clamshell boxes from Qiaowang are an eco-friendly option that businesses are looking for in today’s market.


Qiaowang’s 8.5″ Bagasse Clamshell Box QW-B-10: Eco-Friendly and Convenient


Qiaowang’s 8.5″ Bagasse Clamshell Box QW-B-10 is specifically designed as an eco-friendly food container. Made from sugarcane pulp, this clamshell box is biodegradable and disposable, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. With QW-B-10, businesses can embrace sustainability without compromising on convenience.


Features and Benefits of Qiaowang’s Sugarcane Clamshell Food Containers


Versatile Usage: Qiaowang’s clamshell containers are designed to accommodate both solid and liquid food items, making them perfect for a wide variety of dishes.


Sustainable Packaging: These clamshell boxes are made from sugarcane fiber, providing an excellent alternative to traditional plastic containers. By choosing Qiaowang’s sugarcane clamshell boxes, businesses can actively contribute to a greener future and reduce their environmental footprint.


Qiaowang’s Sugarcane Clamshell Boxes for Food Packaging


Qiaowang’s sugarcane clamshell boxes have become increasingly popular in the food service industry, especially for takeout and delivery purposes. These boxes not only offer eco-friendly attributes but also provide convenience in food packing. By opting for Qiaowang’s sugarcane clamshell boxes, businesses can enhance their brand image while simultaneously making a positive impact on the environment.


Detailed Information and Inquiries


Qiaowang’s sugarcane clamshell boxes are available in two color options: unbleached-nature and bleached-white, providing flexibility to suit different preferences. For more details and inquiries about QW-B-10 and other sugarcane clamshell boxes, businesses are encouraged to reach out to Qiaowang. Our knowledgeable team is ready to provide additional information and assist with any questions.




Qiaowang is dedicated to providing eco-friendly food packaging solutions that meet the demands of businesses seeking sustainable alternatives. With Qiaowang’s sugarcane clamshell boxes, businesses can embrace environmentally friendly practices without compromising on functionality. By choosing Qiaowang as their packaging partner, businesses can make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying reliable and sustainable food packaging solutions. Contact Qiaowang today to explore the benefits of our sugarcane clamshell boxes and embark on a greener path for your business.

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