Sustainable Sourcing for a Greener World

At Qiaowang, we take pride in introducing our innovative range of sugarcane bagasse tableware. Our company boasts a complete industrial chain, encompassing sugarcane planting bases, sugar factories, pulp factories, and paper mold factories. As the future of the industry depends on the continuous supply of raw materials, our raw material advantage ensures that we can provide high-quality tableware consistently.


Raw Material Advantage

With the reduction in sugarcane planting areas, securing raw materials is becoming increasingly challenging. However, Qiaowang has taken proactive measures to ensure a constant supply of sugarcane bagasse. By collaborating with local farmers and implementing sustainable farming practices, we not only guarantee a steady stream of raw materials but also contribute to the preservation of the environment.


Sugarcane is a fast-growing and renewable resource, with the ability to be harvested multiple times a year. By utilizing sugarcane waste, known as bagasse, we minimize waste and reduce our environmental impact. Bagasse is the fibrous residue left behind after extracting juice from sugarcane stalks. Traditionally, this waste was burned or discarded, contributing to air pollution and landfills. At Qiaowang, we have transformed this waste into a valuable resource by converting it into eco-friendly tableware.


Quality and Affordability Combined

Qiaowang’s sugarcane bagasse tableware offers a superior alternative to traditional plastic or paper options. Our products are made from 100% natural sugarcane fiber, which is biodegradable, compostable, and free from harmful chemicals. This ensures that your dining experience remains safe and eco-friendly without compromising on quality or affordability.


Our tableware is designed to be sturdy, heat-resistant, and leak-proof, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. From casual backyard picnics to formal events, Qiaowang tableware is the perfect choice to elevate your dining experience.


Furthermore, our sugarcane bagasse tableware is not only good for the planet but also for your health. Unlike plastic or foam alternatives, our products are free from toxins such as BPA, phthalates, and chlorine. This means that you can enjoy your meals without worrying about harmful chemicals leaching into your food.



In conclusion, Qiaowang’s sugarcane bagasse tableware is revolutionizing the dining industry. With our raw material advantage and commitment to sustainability, we are able to provide customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly products. By choosing Qiaowang, you not only elevate your dining experience but also play an active role in reducing plastic waste and preserving our planet for future generations.


Join the movement towards a greener world by embracing sugarcane bagasse tableware from Qiaowang. Together, let’s make a lasting impact on the environment and create a sustainable future for all.

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