Why Our OEM & ODM Service Is Your Ideal Choice for Disposable Lunch Packing Box Manufacturing

In the realm of sustainable packaging, trust forms the foundation. For manufacturing disposable lunch packing boxes that mirror your distinct vision and needs, Qiaowang stands as the epitome of reliability. With over two decades of expertise in crafting biodegradable tableware, our exceptional OEM & ODM service places us as a trailblazer in the industry. Let’s delve into why you can rely on us, Qiaowang, to materialize your dreams of manufacturing disposable lunch packing boxes.


Revealing Our OEM & ODM Service

At Qiaowang, we comprehend the uniqueness of every business, embracing their specific requirements and aspirations. Our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) & ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) service is precisely tailored to cater to these distinctive needs, ensuring the delivery of flawless disposable lunch packing boxes that align with your specifications. Here’s why entrusting us is your best decision:


Decades of Expertise

Our extensive tenure in biodegradable tableware manufacturing underscores our mastery. With over 20 years in the industry, we have fine-tuned our techniques, processes, and technologies to perfection.


Proficient R&D and Quality Control Team

Placing your disposable lunch packing box manufacturing in Qiaowang’s hands grants access to a dedicated team of professionals. Our adept Research and Development (R&D) squad constantly innovates, while stringent quality control assures that every product adheres to the highest standards of excellence.


Tailored Solutions

Understanding the uniqueness of your vision drives our service. Our OEM & ODM offering is entirely customizable, whether it involves specific designs, branding, or customized dimensions—we possess the capabilities to actualize your vision.


Cutting-Edge Technologies

Qiaowang leads the technological forefront in bagasse tableware production. Our suite of technologies spans pat printing, retail packing, lamination, matched plastic lids, and premium-quality additives, enabling precision and finesse in bringing your disposable lunch packing boxes to life.


Sustainability at Heart

Our commitment to eco-friendly practices echoes through our OEM & ODM service. We ensure that your disposable lunch packing boxes are not just superior in quality but also environmentally responsible, perfectly aligning with your sustainability objectives.


Proven Excellence

Qiaowang’s OEM & ODM service boasts a stellar track record. Countless businesses have entrusted us to realize their concepts, resulting in exceptional disposable lunch packing boxes that have delighted customers worldwide.



In conclusion, Qiaowang stands as the trustworthy partner for your disposable lunch packing box manufacturing needs. Our extensive experience, proficient team, customizable solutions, cutting-edge technologies, commitment to sustainability, and proven track record make us the unparalleled choice for OEM & ODM services. Join hands with Qiaowang to create eco-friendly, premium-quality disposable lunch packing boxes that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Your vision, our expertise—rely on Qiaowang to transform it into reality.

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