Bagasse Packaging Manufacturer in Thailand

Thailand has emerged as a leading hub for bagasse packaging manufacturers, with Qiaowang being at the forefront of this industry.

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Qiaowang: Leading Provider of Bagasse Packaging

Qiaowang is committed to environmental protection and is recognized as the best biodegradable bagasse pulp tableware manufacturer. With their expertise and dedication, they offer sustainable food packaging solutions that are both eco-friendly and high-quality.

Why Choose Qiaowang?

Located in the largest sugar cane province in Thailand, Qiaowang benefits from a stable supply of raw materials for their bagasse pulp tableware production. Supported by their mother company, they have established themselves as a reliable supplier in the market.

The team at Qiaowang values customer satisfaction and responds promptly to inquiries. They provide suitable sustainable food packaging solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of their partners.

In addition to their standard product offerings, Qiaowang also offers OEM/ODM services. This includes personalized brand logos, package designs, and more, allowing businesses to create unique branding experiences for their customers.


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Established in 2002, Qiaowang has extensive experience as a sustainable food packaging solution provider. They strive to offer global partners the best customizable options for bagasse tableware while maintaining high standards of quality and sustainability.

Achieve Sustainability with Bagasse Packaging Manufacturers

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