Bagasse Tableware and Timor-Leste (East Timor)

Timor-Leste, also known as East Timor, is a Southeast Asian country located on the eastern half of the island of Timor. It gained independence in 2002 after a long struggle for self-determination. Despite its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, Timor-Leste faces numerous challenges, including environmental sustainability. One solution to address this issue is the use of bagasse tableware.

Qiaowang: A Sustainable Choice

Qiaowang offers a range of eco-friendly bagasse tableware options that are perfect for takeaway containers. The Dly Takeout Container QW-B-37 is an excellent choice with its sturdy design and ample capacity. It provides a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic or Styrofoam containers.

The 1000ml Deep Rectangular Eco-Friendly Takeout Container QW-B-36 is another option worth considering. Its deep shape allows for easy storage of various food items while maintaining their freshness and taste.

If you need a smaller portion size, the 750ml 2-com Rectangular Eco-Friendly Takeout Container QW-B-35 or the 750ml Rectangular Eco-Friendly Takeout Container QW-B-34 are ideal choices. These compartments allow for convenient separation of different dishes without any leakage concerns.

To complement these containers, consider using the Paper Lid of 500 Retangular Box QW-B-30 or other compatible lids from Qiaowang‘s collection to ensure secure closure during transportation.

A Variety of Options

In addition to takeout containers, Qiaowang also offers other types of bagasse tableware suitable for various purposes:

  • The 500ml 3-comp Rectangular Bagasse Takeaway Box QW-B-29 is perfect for serving meals with multiple components, such as rice, vegetables, and protein.
  • The 500 Retangular 2-Comp Box QW-B-28 provides a convenient solution for packaging two different dishes together.
  • For single portion meals, the 500 Retangular 1-Comp Box QW-B-27 is an excellent choice.
  • The 280ml Bowl QW-L-14 is ideal for soups or desserts.

To cater to oval-shaped food items, consider using the Paper Lid of 500/800 Oval Box QW-B-26 along with either the 800ml Oval Sugar Cane Box QW-B-25 or the smaller-sized option of the 500ml Oval Sugar Cane Box QW-B-24. These containers are versatile and can accommodate various food types.

If you’re looking for a sustainable alternative specifically designed for hot dogs, consider the Sugar Cane Hot Dog Box QW-B-31. It offers a practical and eco-friendly solution that aligns with Timor-Leste’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

A Complete Solution

In addition to tableware options, don’t forget about coffee cup lids. The biodegradable Coffee Cup Lids from Qiaowang come in two sizes: the 90mm Biodegradable Coffee Cup Lid (cyclon) QW-CL-06 and the slightly smaller version of the80mm Biodegradable Coffee Cup Lid (cyclon)Q W -C L -0 . These lids ensure spill-proof enjoyment while being environmentally friendly.

When it comes to coffee cups themselves, consider using the biodegradable Coffee Cups offered byQ iaowang.Th e9 mmBi o degradabl eC offee Cup QW-CC-01 is a perfect choice for enjoying hot beverages while minimizing environmental impact.


Bagasse tableware, such as the options provided by Qiaowang, offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable containers. By choosing bagasse tableware, Timor-Leste can contribute to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability. These products not only benefit the environment but also support local communities and their efforts towards a greener future.

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