Research on Bagasse and Sudan

Bagasse is a fibrous residue that remains after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice. It has gained significant attention in recent years due to its potential as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials. This article explores the use of bagasse in various forms, particularly focusing on Qiaowang‘s sugar cane bowls.

Qiaowang and Bagasse Bowls

Qiaowang, a leading supplier in the industry, offers a range of sugar cane bowls made from bagasse pulp. These disposable paper bowls come in different shapes such as round, oval, and square with or without lids. The composition of these bowls consists of 90% bagasse pulp and 10% bamboo pulp, making them completely environmentally friendly and safe for food containment.

The Qiaowang sugarcane bagasse fiber bowls are versatile and suitable for both solid and liquid foods like rice, salad, soup, etc. They are also microwaveable and freezer safe.

1500ml Round Sugar Cane Bowl With Lid QW-L-20

32oz Sugar Cane Bowl With Lid QW-L-02

800ml Square Sugar Cane Bowl With Lid QW-L-29

280ml Sugar Cane Bowl With Lid QW-L-14

12oz Bowl (exclude lid) QW-L-04

Lid of 12oz/16oz Su…

The Usefulness of Bagasse Bowls

In addition to being environmentally friendly, bagasse bowls offer several advantages over conventional packaging options. Firstly, they provide excellent insulation, keeping the food warm for a longer duration. Secondly, they are sturdy and leak-proof, ensuring that liquids do not seep through. Lastly, bagasse bowls are lightweight and easy to handle.

Bagasse as an Eco-Friendly Alternative

Bagasse is considered a sustainable material because it is derived from agricultural waste. By utilizing bagasse in the production of packaging materials like Qiaowang’s sugar cane bowls, we can reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources such as plastic or Styrofoam.

The use of bagasse also helps in reducing carbon emissions as it requires less energy to produce compared to traditional packaging materials. Moreover, by diverting sugarcane waste from landfills and incineration plants, we contribute towards minimizing environmental pollution.


The research highlights the benefits of using bagasse-based products like Qiaowang’s sugar cane bowls as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional packaging options. The versatility and sustainability of these products make them ideal for various food containment needs while contributing positively towards environmental conservation efforts.

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