Unveil the Making of Qiaowang’s Bagasse Tableware

On the journey towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future, compostable tableware certainly plays an essential part, as it reduces the use of non-renewable petroleum and the emission of greenhouse gases. Among other compostable products, bagasse tableware stands out as an innovative and sustainable solution for the retail channel industry, catering industry, rail and air service, and other industries alike. This article unveils the raw materials used to produce bagasse tableware and the production flow of Qiaowang’s food packaging solutions. Read on to learn about them.

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What Is Bagasse Tableware Made from

As the name indicates, bagasse tableware is made primarily from bagasse pulp, a natural and sustainable material derived from sugarcane fibers. Bagasse refers to the fibrous remains left behind once sugarcane stalks have been crushed to extract their juice for sugar production. Instead of discarding this residue, it is repurposed to create a variety of eco-friendly products, including tableware.


In addition to sugarcane pulp, some bagasse products may also incorporate a small percentage of other natural materials to enhance certain properties. Bamboo pulp is one such material that might be added to the bagasse pulp blend to improve the overall durability of the tableware.


At Qiaowang, the combination of 90% bagasse pulp and 10% bamboo pulp forms the basis of bagasse tableware. Its compostable nature makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to diminish their environmental impact and also enhance their brand reputation.


How Does Qiaowang Produce Quality Bagasse Tableware

The production of our bagasse tableware adheres to a rigorous and stringent process to ensure the creation of high-quality products. The following are the 7 essential steps encompassed in the production flow:


Acquire Bagasse Pulp

The process begins by sourcing bagasse pulp, a residue derived from sugarcane processing. Located in China’s largest sugarcane province and supported by our group, we own a strong supply chain that guarantees stable and high-quality raw materials.



The sourced bagasse pulp then undergoes a refined pulverization process so as to pulverize fibers into a precise consistency. This step lays the groundwork for the subsequent stages of transformation.


Add Additives

Oil-proof and water-proof additives are infused into the bagasse pulp, endowing the resulting tableware with exceptional water and oil resistance properties. Importantly, these additives adhere to the stringent food contact safety requirements, ensuring a seamless blend of durability and consumer well-being.



The treated pulp is carefully molded into intricate shapes and designs. It allows for the creation of an array of products, encompassing takeaway boxes, cups, bowls, plates, cutlery, as well as customer designs. This step brings to life the envisioned form of the tableware.



The edges of the biodegradable tableware are precisely trimmed in this step, ensuring a neat that not only enhances the visual aesthetics but guarantees a comfortable dining experience.



Upholding the highest standards of hygiene, each piece of compostable tableware undergoes a stringent sterilization process. This step guarantees that the final product is safe for culinary use.



The production flow concludes with thoughtful 5-layer packaging. This ensures our biodegradable products are impeccably preserved and are shielded from contamination.


Under the stringent production process, we at Qiaowang guarantee our products are reliable and safe. Our professional R&D and quality control team ensure our products are of high quality.



At Qiaowang, we stand as a seasoned pioneer in the realm of bagasse tableware manufacturing, fortified by our extensive industry expertise. Our commitment resonates in crafting environmentally conscious, secure, and versatile sustainable tableware. With an accomplished R&D team, our dedication is rooted in presenting the world with a sustainable food packaging solution.


Overall, our bagasse tableware is a testament to our use of premium-grade raw materials and adherence to a rigorous 7-step production process. From the inception of acquiring raw materials to the packaging of our tableware, we oversee every facet of the production flow. Furthermore, our robust production capacity and prompt delivery mechanism guarantee our clientele seamless integration of sustainability within set timelines. Visit our website to learn more about our innovative food packaging solution.

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