Qiaowang Bagasse Pulp Packing: Your Go-To Wholesale Sugarcane Cutlery Supplier

In today’s world, where sustainability and eco-friendliness are of paramount importance, businesses are seeking innovative ways to reduce their environmental impact. One such solution is switching to biodegradable and compostable alternatives for everyday items like cutlery. Qiaowang Bagasse Pulp Packing is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wholesale sugarcane cutlery, offering businesses a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. The QW-NC-01 Knife, crafted from biodegradable bagasse sourced from sugar cane pulp, epitomizes the company’s commitment to providing environmentally-friendly products that are disposable, safe for food contact, and designed to meet various needs.

Embrace Sustainability with Wholesale Sugarcane Cutlery

The QW-NC-01 Knife is part of Qiaowang’s Bagasse Cutlery collection, which reflects the company’s dedication to environmental preservation. Made from biodegradable bagasse, these knives contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and its harmful effects on the planet. By choosing wholesale sugarcane cutlery, businesses take a proactive step towards sustainability and align their values with eco-conscious practices.

Features that Make a Difference

Qiaowang’s QW-NC-01 Knife offers a range of features that make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking eco-friendly cutlery options. The knives come in unbleached and bleached variants, providing businesses the flexibility to choose between a natural and rustic look or a clean and modern appearance. The knives are designed to be disposable, reducing the need for single-use plastics and contributing to a circular economy.

Moreover, the QW-NC-01 Knife is not only compostable but also microwave and oven-safe, making it convenient for customers to reheat food without compromising on sustainability. Its compact and portable design ensures easy handling and disposal, making it suitable for various events, outdoor activities, and takeaway services.

Customization and Shelf Life

At Qiaowang Bagasse Pulp Packing, customization is key. The QW-NC-01 Knife can be tailored to reflect a business’s brand identity, with options for personalized designs, logos, and packaging. This level of customization not only enhances the brand’s image but also helps in creating a memorable dining experience for customers.

Additionally, Qiaowang ensures that the knives have a shelf life of 2 years under sealed packing, allowing businesses to manage their inventory efficiently. This extended shelf life assures the knives remain in top-notch condition, ensuring reliable and durable usage.


In a world that is increasingly conscious of its environmental footprint, making sustainable choices has become a top priority for businesses. Qiaowang wholesale sugarcane cutlery collection offer the perfect solution for those seeking eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic cutlery.

With a commitment to biodegradability, compostability, and customization, Qiaowang empowers businesses to embrace sustainability without compromising on quality or functionality. By choosing Qiaowang’s wholesale sugarcane cutlery, businesses contribute to a greener future and set an example for others to follow.

Make the switch to QW-NC-01 Knife and Qiaowang Bagasse Pulp Packing’s eco-friendly solutions today, and together, let’s pave the way for a more sustainable and responsible future.

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