Qiaowang Bagasse Pulp Packing: Your Trusted Source for Wholesale Sugarcane Cutlery

In the pursuit of sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, businesses are increasingly turning to biodegradable alternatives for everyday items like cutlery. Qiaowang Bagasse Pulp Packing, a leading manufacturer and supplier, offers an extensive collection of wholesale sugarcane cutlery, including the QW-NC-02 Fork. Crafted from biodegradable bagasse derived from sugar cane pulp, this fork embodies Qiaowang’s commitment to providing environmentally-friendly products that are not only safe for food contact but also compostable and designed for convenience and functionality.

A Greener Choice with Wholesale Sugarcane Cutlery

The QW-NC-02 Fork is part of Qiaowang’s Bagasse Cutlery series, which stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to environmental preservation. By choosing wholesale sugarcane cutlery, businesses take a proactive step towards reducing their ecological footprint and minimizing plastic waste. Embracing this eco-conscious approach not only aligns with responsible environmental practices but also enhances a business’s reputation as a sustainable and socially responsible entity.

Features that Set the QW-NC-02 Fork Apart

Qiaowang’s QW-NC-02 Fork boasts a range of features that make it an excellent choice for businesses seeking sustainable cutlery options. Available in unbleached and bleached variants, this fork offers a natural and rustic appeal or a clean and contemporary look, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.

Designed for single-use convenience, the QW-NC-02 Fork is fully compostable, reducing the burden on landfills and promoting the transition to a circular economy. Its biodegradable nature ensures that it breaks down naturally over time, leaving behind no harmful residues.

Additionally, this fork is microwave and oven-safe, making it an excellent choice for foodservice establishments where reheating is often required. Its portability and lightweight design further enhance its appeal for takeout services, catering events, and various outdoor occasions.

Customization and Shelf Life

As a testament to Qiaowang’s commitment to customer satisfaction, the QW-NC-02 Fork offers ample room for customization. Businesses can opt for personalized designs, logos, and packaging to elevate their brand identity and create a unique dining experience for their customers.

Moreover, Qiaowang ensures that the forks have a shelf life of 2 years when stored under sealed packing conditions. This extended shelf life not only streamlines inventory management for businesses but also ensures that the forks are consistently reliable and of top-notch quality.


In today’s dynamic business landscape, where environmental consciousness plays a pivotal role, making sustainable choices is no longer an option but a necessity. Qiaowang Bagasse Pulp Packing’s QW-NC-02 Fork and Qiaowang wholesale sugarcane cutlery collection offer the perfect solution for businesses seeking eco-friendly alternatives to conventional plastic cutlery.

With its unwavering commitment to biodegradability, compostability, and customization, Qiaowang empowers businesses to make a positive impact on the environment without compromising on quality or practicality. By choosing Qiaowang’s wholesale sugarcane cutlery, businesses can embrace a greener future and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Make the switch to QW-NC-02 Fork and Qiaowang Bagasse Pulp Packing’s eco-friendly solutions today, and together, let’s pave the way for a more environmentally-friendly and responsible tomorrow.


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