Shifting the Landscape of Takeout: Qiaowang’s Sustainable Three-Compartment Container

Qiaowang is excited to unveil a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of sustainable packaging: the QW-B-29, a 500ml 3-Comp Rectangular Bagasse Takeaway Box. This remarkable eco-conscious container transcends its role as a mere food vessel and emerges as a true disruptor in the sustainable packaging arena. By establishing unprecedented benchmarks, this bagasse takeaway container is improving the industry, paving the way for a new era of environmentally-friendly packaging solutions.

Eco-Friendly Materials for a Greener Tomorrow


Qiaowang’s QW-B-29 is not just a container; it’s a statement. Available in unbleached and bleached color options, this bagasse takeaway container is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a testament to our commitment to eco-friendly materials. Unbleached, in its natural form, or bleached for a clean, white appearance – the choice is yours, and both options contribute to a greener tomorrow.


Beyond its visual appeal, QW-B-29 unveils itself as a compostable and biodegradable solution. Crafted from bagasse, a residue of sugarcane processing, this container aligns with Qiaowang’s dedication to sustainable practices. Your choice of QW-B-29 is a step towards reducing environmental impact, as it naturally decomposes, leaving no trace behind.


Customization and Beyond


At Qiaowang, we understand that a product is more than just what’s inside the package – it’s an extension of your brand identity. That’s why with QW-B-29, we offer a customizable canvas that allows your brand to stand out from the rest. Our customization options go beyond surface-level design to encompass every aspect of the product, from initial design to finer details like sticker and carton printing. Each package becomes an opportunity for your brand to make a lasting impression, ensuring that your customers will remember not just the contents of the bagasse takeaway container, but the experience of receiving it as well.


Moreover, Qiaowang ensures that your products stay fresh for an extended period. Under proper sealed packing, the shelf life of QW-B-29 stretches to two years. This not only emphasizes our dedication to quality but also adds practicality to sustainability. Qiaowang doesn’t just provide containers; we provide solutions that cater to your brand’s unique needs.




As we introduce Qiaowang’s 500ml 3-Comp Rectangular Bagasse Takeaway Box, envision more than just a bagasse takeaway container – see it as a sustainable canvas for your brand. Join us in the movement towards eco-friendly and customizable packaging. Choose Qiaowang, where innovation meets sustainability, and your brand finds a home in every eco-conscious consumer’s hands.

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