Unlocking the Potential: Qiaowang’s 500ml 3-Comp Rectangular Bagasse Takeaway Box

Qiaowang unveils a groundbreaking addition to the sustainable food packaging realm: the 500ml 3-Comp Rectangular Bagasse Takeaway Box (QW-B-29). With great pride, we introduce this innovative bagasse takeaway container, highlighting the versatile functionality and eco-friendly attributes that distinguish it from the rest.

A Multifunctional Solution for the Food Service Industry


Qiaowang’s QW-B-29 stands tall as a versatile 3-compartment takeout container, addressing the diverse needs of the food service industry. Designed with practicality in mind, this rectangular bagasse takeaway container offers a multifunctional solution for packaging both solid and liquid food items efficiently. Whether it’s a hearty meal with various components or a delicate dish requiring separate compartments, QW-B-29 is your reliable go-to option.


Qiaowang recognizes the significance of efficient packaging in the fast-paced realm of food delivery and takeout. With the QW-B-29, its three compartments are designed to keep various components of a meal neatly separated. This not only preserves the presentation of each dish but also maintains their individual integrity. As we prioritize convenience and functionality, Qiaowang’s unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in every compartment of the QW-B-29. Embrace this innovative solution and elevate your food packaging experience.


Sustainable Features that Speak Volumes


Qiaowang is delighted to introduce a remarkable bagasse takeaway container that showcases outstanding functionality while championing sustainability. QW-B-29 is expertly crafted from bagasse, a fibrous residue obtained from sugarcane processing. This eco-friendly container is not only disposable but also compostable and biodegradable. By choosing QW-B-29 as your packaging solution, you align your business with environmentally conscious practices, making a positive impact on our planet and paving the way for a greener future.


Explore the portability, safety, and versatility of QW-B-29. The lightweight and portable design make it an ideal choice for on-the-go meals, catering events, or any foodservice scenario where sustainability is a top priority. Moreover, this bagasse container is not just eco-friendly but also practical for everyday use. Qiaowang ensures that it is safe for direct contact with food, microwaveable within 4 minutes, and ovenable within 5 minutes, providing a comprehensive and sustainable solution.




An industry frontrunner in sustainable food packaging, Qiaowang is pleased to offer the 500 ml 3-Comp Rectangular Bagasse Takeaway Box QW-B-29. Our dedication to a more environmentally friendly future is reflected in QW-B-29, which prioritizes innovation and sustainability. When you choose Qiaowang, you’re not merely making a purchase; you’re committing to sustainability and helping to create a better world. Help create a more sustainable future by supporting responsible food packaging and adopting this cutting-edge solution.

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