Revolutionary Bagasse Clamshell: A Game-Changer for Mozambique

Introducing the groundbreaking 10″ Bagasse Clamshell Box QW-B-19, a sustainable food packaging solution that is set to transform the way we consume and protect our environment. With its oil-proof and water-proof additives in compliance with food contact safety requirements, this innovative product from Qiaowang is revolutionizing the industry.

The Future of Sustainable Packaging

Qiaowang‘s 10″ Bagasse Clamshell Box QW-B-19 offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic containers. Made from bagasse, a fibrous residue left after sugarcane juice extraction, this clamshell box is not only biodegradable but also compostable. By choosing this cutting-edge technology, Mozambique can significantly reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

A Step Towards Environmental Conservation

In line with global efforts to combat plastic pollution, Qiaowang’s bagasse clamshell products are leading the charge towards sustainability. The 600ml Bagasse Clamshell QW-B-06, 850ml Bagasse Takeaway Box with Lid QW-B-07, and 400ml Bagasse Takeaway Box with Separate LidQW-B-32 are just some of the related products available that offer versatile options for various food packaging needs.

Pioneering Solutions by Qiaowang

With over two decades of experience in providing sustainable food packaging solutions worldwide, Qiaowang has established itself as an industry leader. Their commitment to quality and innovation ensures that their products meet international standards while promoting environmental responsibility.

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